Mast Mobile Media’s COMPOSER (Content Mobile Portal Store Exchange Router) platform is an end to end solution for delivering any type of content and application to the consumers via a rich multimedia portal with a dynamically updatable user interface. This first of its kind platform comes fully enabled with mobile advertisement so operators and brands can ad-enable any part of the portal, content or even third party applications.


Available either individually or as part of a fully integrated solution, the platform includes:

  Mobile portal and store client: provides rich multimedia user interface which can be dynamically updated over the air to be provide the best user experience

  Application Framework: middleware engine that provides the gateway for optimally delivering your own as well as third party content

  Portal management: with web-based tool to present your catalog, content in the right way

  Content management: highly scalable system integrated with billing, supporting all types of content with web based tools making it easy manage, track and report


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