As a mobile operator, you are looking to maximize your revenue in data services as it increasingly becomes significant part of overall revenue. However, there are significant challenges to providing a differentiated VAS service to the consumer while maximizing the ROIs. Many operators fail to recognize the importance of planning services, content, user experience and marketing together – typically these are all stitched together using various vendors, and technologies.


We solve all your needs to create, deploy and run a successful differentiated VAS service using:


  COMPOSER, our turnkey end to end VAS solution that brings together a rich user experience of on-device portal and mobile shop with fully managed content system Using the Composer platform, operators can deploy the services that make up the largest part of VAS revenues very quickly and efficiently.


  Our MUSIC PORTAL platform is a focused solution the largest revenue generator in VAS services: music. From Ringtones, Ringback tones, Full track music downloads to artist, movie focused news along with community features such as fan clubs, this platform can be customized to provide a differentiated service for your brand.


  Our turnkey MOBILE AD EXCHANGE platform, you can ad-enable all parts of you VAS platforms. Our platform provides for managing rich media campaigns on your storefront, device home screen, or downloadable applications. Using our technology, you can also empower developers and publishers to ad enable their existing and new products across your VAS services to create more mobile marketing opportunities.


   Our services: managing the VAS platform, services and content providers economically poses a big challenge. At Mast Mobile Media, our VAS services team can help you manage the entire platform so you can focus on consumers.


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